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  • Jerry L. Toney, The Artist.- Is Jerry Cherokee Indian?
    This is what I was told by my Grandmother, Rosie McGhee and My Uncle Bill Toney. My Father was ashamed that he was to White to be Cherokee. I had to Register my Father, James F. Toney after his passing. I am Registered Cherokee Indian of the "Trail of Tears" lineage. My Grandmother, Rosie McGhee (Toney) on my father's side of the family (James Toney), was registered in 1903 with her father Albert McGhee and other siblings. Albert is the son of Sarah Rogers (Albert McGhee was in the Cherokee Confederacy). Sarah Rogers at 12 years old - was put on the Trail of Tears in Georgia with her Mother Juanita Rogers and six other children. Sarah's Father was murdered for his land (in Georgia) by Union Soldiers prior the The "Trail of Tears". Mr. Rogers being for warned that U.S. Legislation was comming down. Went to the Nations (Chetopa Kansas) and built a house for his family. It was on the trip back that he was murdered by the U.S. Calvary. He did however have enough forsite to leave his new home with the man who established the first trading post in the area. Mr. McGhee, Sarah Rogers' husband to be. It should also be know that the blood lines of most of those put on the "Trail of Tears" was less that 25%. Juanita Rogers was only 1/2 Cherokee. That makes little Sarah Rogers and her siblings only 1/4 Cherokee. We are known as the White Indian. We paid the price as if we were full blood, however most of us are shuned by the darker skinned Indian. Some of us at 1/64 of blood linage take much pride in who we are. I may look White, however I am Cherokee through and through and am very proud of all the Cherokee people. I hope my art is an honor to the Cherokee people, Jerry L. Toney
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  • How do I determine what size Chandelier is right for my room?
    Just a few tips to help you along: Most of these lights are based on a need. For example, pendants are best used over a bar or island, or maybe to light up a stair case. The flush mount lights are best used in hall ways and small rooms with low ceilings. The 20" to 24" diameter, and the 24"x48" and 24"x60" are best used over a table or island, and can also be used as a room center piece. The 32" and larger Chandeliers are used in larger rooms. There are good rules of thumb to use for size- For example, if you are hanging a large light and are unsure of the size: the size of the light should be around 25% of the room width. In a room that is 16' wide you would use a 48" chandelier. In a 20' wide room you would use a 60" and so on. Another thing to take into account is height. A chandelier like Nations and Old West will need at least 12' of ceiling height. A Texas 2 tier style of light is thinner, and will hang from a 10' ceiling. We will furnish all of the chain you will need regardless of ceiling height. Another point- Our Chandeliers are works of art, you can - and should - hang these lights lower than normal. The bottom of the light can be as low as 7 feet. It is made to be the center focal point of the room. If you are unsure of the size you need, call us - we will help you make sure you are buying a light that will fit your need. We will need the room size width, length and height, along with the purpose of the light. Once we have determined the size, we will then work on the art. Our Chandeliers will definitely enhance your room and home with the "WOW" FACTOR.
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  • Ceiling Fans. How many blades and what size blades? How is installation on your fans different ?
    We have 2 sizes of fans shrouds - 15" and 24". The 24 inch fan lights up, while the 15 inch does not. All fans have 52" blades with 5-blades, and are the hanging type. Note: Cherokee Iron Works does not furnish the down tubes (hanging conduit). Just another note: On the lit 24" fans, your electrician will have to drill a 3/8 to 1/2 inch hole in the down tube 2" to 3" above the fan. This hole will allow for the wiring of the lit fan. If you have any problems just call. Most electricians find this to be a very simple task. The fan is mostly pre-assembled and is easy to install. All of the art is interchangeable and can be modified. We also do custom art, brands, animals, etc.... Flush Mount Fans... Flush mount fans come with a pre installed ceiling mount plate. these fans are very simple to install....
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  • What kind of light do I get with the different sconces?
    Vertical Sconces: Also known as "ups and downs", are made with 2 bulbs and give light up and down with soft, accent light through the art on the sides. Sometimes a customer will buy these with a blinder on the top to turn off the light and keep out the moisture when used on a porch, etc. These are UL listed and can be used interior or exterior under a covered porch. Just let us know what fits your need - there is no extra charge. Vertical Sconces are 8" wide and 12" tall. Half Globe Sconces: These are accent sconces and are made to give downward light with a soft glow upwards. These sconces are UL listed and also can be used interior or exterior under a covered porch. The art can be customized at no extra charge. Half Globe Sconces are 9 inches wide and vary in height from 9" to 12". Oklahoma and Texas are great theme sconces. They do not give a lot of light, but they do give a nice fireplace-type glow. Oklahoma and Texas are very nice sconces.
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